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Best Men wallets with different colors and size available to buy.

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Women wallets

Best Women wallets with different colors and size available to buy.

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Card Holder

Now keep your debit or credit card and ID card Safe by using our card holder.

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women handbags

We launch new design for women hangbags.

Business has only two functions

(1) Marketing (2) Innovations

Founded in 2015, Ogdoad is a collection of beautifully designed everyday leather essentials that are colorful, timeless and easy to personalize.
Always Deliver more than expected

Ogdoad is a dynamic and innovative 3 year old company that captivates the attention of thousands of leather-craft connoisseurs and customers across the world through its unique designs, colors and styles. Its ability to customize each product with utmost perfection, makes each Ogdoad creation unique.


The Best Four


She is B.Tech in computer science and the most important part of this company since 2016 onwards.


Sales & Marketing
Doing a marketing is his hobby and he is doing his best for the growth of our company.


Business Development
Development of the company is one of the most important part thats why we got Watson to handle this.

We offering huge discounts in all our products

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Very soon we going to launch women wrist watch

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